Top Tips to Improve Yourself | Self-Improvement Goals

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Today in this article “Top Tips to Improve Yourself | Self-Improvement Goals”, I’m going to share with you six tips to improve your personal growth immediately.

Personal growth is a vast subject and many new entrants usually want to change some aspects of their life as fast as possible. The good news is that I’m going to share with you some tips that will really kick start your journey. The challenge however with personal growth is that it can be started quickly but it’s an assignment that lasts a lifetime.

You see as human beings we are constantly evolving physically and mentally. You’re not the same person you were 10 years ago. In fact, you’re not the same person as yesterday but the secret you need to know is this – if you learn to work harder on yourself than on your job, you will grow exponentially.

So let’s start with our first tip,

1. What do I Want to Improve?


To advance your personal growth, you need to know what areas of your life you want to improve. Make a list of the areas that you want to improve as a starting point.

If you’re struggling with what you want, think about what you don’t want in your life such as being unconfident and being introverted, then list down the opposite.

Once you’ve listed what you want to improve then you need to ask yourself, what can I read?

Start another reading list on the subject, list down popular books. You need three books to start to give you a broader understanding of the subject area.


From this take action and commit to buying the most popular books.

Now you’re on your way, work your way through the books before moving on to other areas. Start gaining viewpoints on the subject and look to see how you can incorporate new principles into your life.

The beauty of reading is that in this day and age you can receive a book in less than 24 hours. Once the book is in hand, you can gain both insight and perspective from other worlds all at your own pace.

So reading is a great start and something you can administer at any time but let’s take it a step further.

2. Seek Help: Who Can I Ask?

When you’re on your journey, you can ask yourself a series of questions to speed up your growth.

A good question is who can I ask if you want to improve your levels of confidence.?


Thinking who in your inner circle is the most confident person you know, then draft a series of questions you would like to ask them.


Next, take action and ask them if they would not mind answering some questions from you.

Most people will be flattered that you seek out their guidance failing this or if you don’t know anyone then look to celebrities or role models.


Then furiously study what they do, model their behavior, watch videos, look at how they speak, how they stand, and start to emulate or practice their behavior.


If you want to become confident, you need to identify the characteristics such as posture, speech, and presentation and take yourself to environments. Go to a coffee shop, stand tall, be strong in your speech when ordering.

Take small steps each day and work your way to becoming the person you want to be.

3. Define Who You Want to Become?


One of the best ways of doing this is through an experiment known as the ‘possible self’. Here you pre-experience the future version of yourself.

Start by asking yourself this – where do I want to be in one year? Then break it down into a series of questions such as what kind of work do I want to do? What environment do I want? Where do I want to work? How do I want to travel to work? What am I wearing? and What do I do on weekends?

Keep expanding your questions then close your eyes and start to think about this future version of your self-build such a rich picture that you will see all the questions med together.


For example, if you work in a rigid corporate company, you might see yourself losing the tie and swapping this for casual sportswear and holding a laptop at a fitness startup. Then you suddenly see that your life has gone from metro to bicycle to work.

Pre-experiencing is a powerful tool because it primes your body like your nervous system does not know the difference between perceived and real thought.

Not only will this positively enhance your mood but also bring clarity to what you want in life.


From here you need to define what is known as your outcome goal.

Now you have to ask yourself what steps do I need to take to work towards this start?


By creating a list of actionable steps in this case it could be looking up companies, housing costs just as a starting point.

You have to keep asking yourself, okay I have this vision but what step can I take today that will move me closer to this goal?

4. Rid Yourself of People Who Bring You Down.


Rid yourself of toxic people, this is a great step. Many of us drift through life with friends, family, and co-workers chipping away at our self-esteem in life.

I’m telling you right now to take a hard look at who these people are and cut them out of your life, why do you need that negativity?

This is one of the hardest but also the quickest steps you can take. Once you do take action, it will feel like a weight has been lifted.

They are not serving or enhancing your life, in fact, they’re robbing you of joy, and over time that joy turns to anger and negative energy channeled within you which can often be deadly.

So take the first step and become self-aware.

5. Avoid Comparing Yourself to What You See on SOCIAL MEDIA.

Whilst we live in a great age for information and technology, we also live in an age of misinformation photoshop, and misinformed ideals and a greater place is that of social media.

You see where focus goes, energy flows so if you’re looking at a photoshop model on Instagram, you will torture yourself with the notion that you’re not good enough as you don’t look the same, and sadly with social media, everyone in your feed seems to be doing the same thing, so you don’t want to be left out.

As a species, we’re designed to fit in this dates back from the caveman era when we had to fit in to survive. So I understand the need to dress in a certain way but pressuring yourself into a body ideal is dangerous and fashionable at best.


Let others do what they do, and be comfortable with the fact that you are doing you and you’re incredibly happy with it.


Also, ditch the reality shows, a show based on conflict is indirectly feeding back into your world. So if you watch a series of individuals screaming at each other, your subconscious is having a hard time adjusting to the emotions which one day may appear within you.

It is simply time wasted and if you are looking to enhance your personal growth then focus your attention on expanding your mind not shutting it off.

My advice is to limit yourself to social media or only focus on positive imagery and environments, unsubscribe from the unnecessary, and put all your energy into growing yourself personally.

6. Express Gratitude.

The art of gratitude is one of the most important subjects of personal growth. If you help someone or share a random act of kindness, the brain’s pleasure and reward centers light up, chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and oxytocin are released and they have both – a calming effect and can lower your blood pressure.


We’re not talking about daily gifts to others but start with a simple checkup. Call to a friend you’ve not spoken to in ages and just see how they are.

Then call your mother and see what she’s up to? She’ll be delighted at the random act of kindness and also just hearing your voice and if you want to take it further, buy the person behind you their coffee when standing in line.


Additionally, if you want to practice the art of gratitude at home then firstly delve into the subject further through research then as they start each night say just two things you’re grateful for.

It can be as simple and small such as being thankful for the warm home that you have or even being thankful for your dog’s face in the morning.

If you reinforce pleasure daily, you will awaken with pleasure and continued personal growth.

My last point is to focus on the quality of your questions. Life’s challenges can be solved with a series of better questions; as they will provide you with better answers.

So, this was all about Top Tips to Improve Yourself | Self-Improvement Goals.

Thank you for reading!

Have a nice day! Stay home! Stay safe!


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