4 Sleep Hygiene Tips

Why is Getting Enough Quality Sleep Important? Top 4 Sleep Hygiene Tips

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Today we will talk about So, Why is Getting Enough Quality Sleep Important? Top 4 Sleep Hygiene Tips.

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Why Sleep Is So Important?

We know that long-term poor quality sleep can have a detrimental effect on your quality of life.

This can be with poor concentration, poor productivity, affecting your mood with irritability, anxiety, or low mood.

And even potentially increased cardiovascular risk.


How Much is Enough Sleep?

Well, we’re all different. Generally, for healthy adults, it’s recommended to have seven to nine hours.

But it’s also to do about the quality.

So do you feel restored and rested when you’ve woken up?

So why is good quality sleep so difficult for us to get?

A big part is the way society’s set up.

We have so many stresses and demands on our time.

As we have an always-on culture, with lots and lots of distractions, with social media and information overload.

The same we also bring our work home.

Add to this the fact that we take our bright screens to bed with us and the fact that we’re consuming stimulants throughout the day like caffeine or nicotine.

It’s no wonder that the combination of these is leading to poor quality sleep.

So what can you do to sleep better?

Here Are My Top Four Sleep Hygiene Tips.

Number one:

A relaxing routine. This is really important to prepare your body and mind for sleep.

Exercising early in the day can really help do this.

Additionally, taking a warm bath or shower can also help prepare for bed.

It’s really important to avoid screen time at least one hour before bed.

If you’re still wired at this time, you can also try relaxation with deep breathing techniques.

Why is Getting Enough Quality Sleep Important? Top 4 Sleep Hygiene Tips

Number two:

Environment. Make sure your bedroom is cool, dark, quiet, and only for sleeping.

Number three:

Stimulants. Coffee and tea are great. But best taken in the morning. A word about alcohol.

There’s a myth that alcohol might make you go to sleep better.

However, actually, overall, your quality of sleep is poorer.

So cutting down alcohol or avoiding it can be a good idea.

Number four:

Take the pressure off. If after about 30 minutes you still can’t fall asleep, get up, leave the room, take a short walk, read a book or even write down the thoughts that are swirling in your mind.

In addition to the sleep hygiene advice given, if you’re struggling to cope, or having problems with your breathing when you sleep, then it might be a good idea to see a healthcare professional.

Lots of people also ask about sleeping tablets.


These might help a small number of people in the short term, but they bring their own problems and they don’t address the root cause.

The vast majority of people get better over the long term, by making these sleep hygiene changes.

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