What to Eat After a Workout to Build Muscle and Fat Loss | Top 5 Nutritious

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When we talk about total health, we have to think about physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health, so now I’m sharing with you What to Eat After a Workout to Build Muscle and Fat Loss | Top 5 Nutritious.

People, they give the importance of health to the physical level and so they focus on the exercises, exercises are no doubt important but they usually ignore another very important aspect, to remain healthy is the diet.

Exercises and diet they should go together, just diet and no exercise is wrong, and exercise and no diet is equally wrong.

One must eat food according to the body’s demand, the demand is highest usually after exercise, here we are talking exercises about Asanas, walking, running, climbing, swimming, etc.

Now let’s understand What to Eat After a Workout to Build Muscle and Fat Loss | Top 5 Nutritious.

We will be talking about 5 nutritious food which the person must have after exercise this would supply all your needs of nutrition in your body: –

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is rich in complex carbohydrates.

After an exercise, the body requires a good amount of energy.

So sweet potato really supplies such a good amount of energy which can last for the whole day.

Sweet potato is very rich in fiber which regulates the processing of the sugars, this, in turn, results in a good supply of energy in our body throughout the day.

And vitamin C in Sweet potato helps in muscle catabolism.

Just boil the sweet potato and peel the skin and have it.

This is the simplest and easiest way to give you enough amount of strength and energy.

Cherry Juice

Juices in our body are very easily assimilated in our digestive track and so juices are much better than solid food but if juices are taken as if you’re taking the solid food After the exercise, one of the juice which is really good which is cherry juice, it is much better than all other juices.

Cherry juice is rich in Anti-oxidant which can fight against muscle damage.

Studies show that those who are taking cherry juice regularly Don’t experience this muscle soreness after exercise.

Avoid brands, drink freshly made cherry juice.

Soya Milk

During exercise, you are effectively breaking your muscles down to letting them adapt to repair to become bigger and stronger.

Soya milk is an excellent source of plant protein.

As it is a plant product it is free from cholesterol.

Soak soybeans in water overnight, then discard the water and rinse the soya beans. Remove the skins of that bean as much as you can.

Take 4 cups of water in soya beans and blend it to become smooth.

Strain the blended mixture.

Take a tightly woven cloth and pour this soya mixture into that, go on squeezing tightly and tightly to get the soya milk, take this milk in a thick bottom pot and boil it, be very careful that it should not get stuck and the temperature on which you should boil is 212 degrees F Or 100 degree C.

Boil this for 20 minutes and then cool it and your soya milk ready.


Which we call Dahi and fruits Yogurt mixed with fruits are excellent in giving you micronutrients required for the whole body.

Yogurt cools down your heated body after exercise and fruits will provide all the micronutrients.

You can add berries, mangoes, or apples. This combination can give you an enriching experience throughout the day.

Curd taken from the supermarket has lots of sugar and not healthy, always consume curd, yogurt, Dahi made at home.


Banana is the most favorite food for all health enthusiasts.

This is because of its high fiber content and low calories.

Also, it is rich in carbohydrates.

When you work out consistently your glycogen which is stored in your body breaks down, Banana is excellent food and wholesome food to be taken after exercise.

It is a healthy source of carbohydrates.

Post-workout, the blood sugar level and minerals are dipped in the body, so here is a banana which will boost them up again your choice to exercise is the healthiest decision you have made.

But an exercise is never complete without the right intake of food after the exercise.

Do not forget to add one of this food to your morning exercise routine and stay rich in health.

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