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Whatever toothpaste or brush you may use but if you think that your teeth will be healthy if you just brush your teeth daily; that’s where you do the mistake. Because all the dentists not only recommend brushing but also flossing our teeth daily! So, in this article you will know about the benefits of flossing your teeth.

Flossing! What is that?

This article is gonna be so helpful for those who don’t even know about tooth flossing!

Tooth flossing is nothing but, floss is a thread-like thing which will be used in the minute gap between two teeth where the toothbrush can’t reach. So, inserting this tooth floss or thread in that gap will remove the plaque or dirt! This is referred to as “tooth flossing”.

You won’t be able to remove this using regular brushing. Because brushing will remove only the dirt and bacteria present on the teeth. But brushing won’t remove the plaque, bacteria, dirt, and food stains present between the teeth.

That’s why most of the dentists are recommending to do tooth flossing along with brushing daily. Instead doing tooth flossing daily, you can do it once in a week.

What Are the Benefits of Flossing Your Teeth?

1. Gets Rid of Plaque:

It removes the plaque between your teeth thoroughly.

2. Reduces Bad Breath:

It controls the bad breathe drastically. You may think that your mouth will feel fresh if you use a specific toothpaste or bubble gum. But the main reason for getting a bad odour repeatedly in your mouth is because of the plaque and food stains between your teeth. So, you have to remove these to control the bad odour from your mouth!

3. Reduces the Risk of Cavities:

The main reason why many are getting tooth cavities, tooth decay, or tooth loss is because of not properly doing tooth flossing in their lifetime!

4. Helps Prevent Gum Disease:

If you don’t do tooth flossing in your life, in the long run, the plaque or food stains between your teeth and in one or two years, it’ll form a hard layer on your tooth. Later, you can’t remove it by brushing! You may have to go to a dentist to take special care and treatments like teeth cleaning and then only you can remove it!

What’s the Best Way to Floss Your Teeth?

STEP 1: Flossing

Tooth flossing is very simple. You don’t have to take extra care for doing that! You have to just simply move it to & fro, front & back, and up & down smoothly. With that, you can clean your teeth easily without any difficulties. It won’t be painful.

I prefer Oral B Dental floss for tooth flossing. It has 50 meters thread inside. You can cut and use it as per your requirement! If you feel, you won’t need 50 meters thread then, you may buy the one with 25 meters. Not only this brand, but we also have dental floss in other brands like Colgate, etc.

STEP 2: Gargle

After flossing, if you ask whether we are done with everything! No! You have to brush your teeth. But, before that, you have to pour some water into your mouth and gargle! You should gargle in the front region with high pressure. Gargling like this will create high pressure in this region and that too you have to do with a little amount of water and then spit it!

STEP 3: Brush

After that, you can brush your teeth and go to sleep or carry on your work! It’s very important to gargle your mouth with high pressure using water after flossing! You must brush before going to sleep as brushing helps to clean the plaque, food stains, and bacteria that are removed from the teeth gaps during flossing and gargling will help to remove any excess wax or plaque stuck in between your teeth. So, these two steps are compulsory after flossing your teeth!

It’s a very useful product, but you have to decide if you need it or not! If you can’t do it daily, you can at least do it weekly once or twice! As it will prevent tooth decay, tooth cavity, or teeth loss in the long run! Above all these, you can also protect your mouth from bad breathe!

Hope this article on “Benefits of Flossing Your Teeth” was helpful to you guys!

Do let me know in the comments if any of you haven’t done tooth flossing ever in your life so that I will know how many are there!

See you all in another useful blog! Until then, it’s bye from Rashi!

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