May 16, 2022

4 Free Apps For Students


Do you find challenging to deal with the problems related to studies or your mind gets lost while focusing on books. Which serve you unsatisfied results.

Have you ever felt need of an assistant or a companion which eases your burden so that you won’t be buried under the pressure of studies and other related part time jobs. Keeping this in mind, we collected 4 Free Apps For Students.


Difficult to focus? Apply these methods


These 4 Free Apps For Students will help you in many ways as it in functioned in a way that they help you to be organised, stress free and focused.


4 Free Apps For Students

Evernote :

4 Free Apps For Students


In the list of 4 Free Apps For Students, The first app is Evernote. As suggested by the name, Evernote consists of Notepads, planner & daily organizers which helps in taking notes. Also it Captures the ideas when inspiration strikes.

Evernote helps in Bringing your notes, to-do lists, and schedule together to tame life’s distractions and accomplish more while at work, at home, or everywhere in between.

Evernote easily syncs to all your devices, so that you can stay productive on the go. Additionally it enables your to-do list with Tasks, connect your Google Calendar to stay on top of your schedule so that you can be updated, and see your most relevant information quickly with a customizable Home dashboard.


You can easily install Evernote


Notion – notes, docs , tasks

4 Free Apps For Students


This app is all-in-one worksplace where you can easily Write, plan & get organized in one place. Also, Notion apps provides you slight options where :

🔸️You will not face any type of a storage limit.
🔸️You can easily add as much content as you want, you Just need to drag and drop to craft the dashboard, website, doc, or system you need.


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Through this app, you can easily Invite your team members and start getting organized with a free trial.


Here you can install Notion



4 Free Apps For Students


Third app in the list of 4 Free Apps For Students is Deepstash consists of daily bite-sized knowledge from books, articles, podcasts and many more which will be useful for students.

With the help of deepstash, you can easily learn something new merely in 5 minutes, with daily bite-sized knowledge from books, articles, videos, podcasts & more. Over 1 million bright minds saved more than 14 million ideas in their personal library so far.

Deepstash is nothing but a social media feed, the preface is build up in that sense.


Install Deepstash


It is a daily source of inspiring & life changing stories and ideas. You can easily access articles, learn skills, get productivity tips and discover life hacks.



4 Free Apps For Students


Last and the most Important and easy to use app in the collection of 4 Free Apps For Students is Pomodoro. Pomodoro brings structure to your workflow by utilising time blocking POMODORO technique.

Bring structure to your workflow by utilising time blocking technique.
Time blocking is an effective strategy for using time wisely and achieving greater results. Blocking out time for specific activities allows you to focus on one task at a time, limit distractions and procrastination.


Access Pomodoro


It’s really simple to use:

🔸️Define your tasks at hand, make a task list.

🔸️Define a block of time during which you will eliminate all distractions and give all your focus to your tasks. Start the timer and work.

🔸️Take frequent breaks. Regular breaks are conducive to greater productivity and concentration. During these breaks take a breath of fresh air, do some push-ups, stretch or anything else that helps you to restore your power. Your body will thank you.

🔸️Repeat this work/break cycle and take a longer breaks when you feel you need to.


These all were the 4 Free Apps For Students which will be helpful for you and you can easily access them through google playstore.

Shre you feedback after using these 4 Free Apps For Students in the comment section. And in case you found this collection of 4 Free Apps For Students, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.



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