May 16, 2022

5 Best Dishes For Holi


Holi is just around the corner and the most exciting things about holi is the menu. Those mouthwatering dishes with colours tastes best. Holi with it’s wonderful dishes brings our memories back.

So, In order to make our day more colourful, I have collected 5 Best Dishes For Holi, which can me made easily.

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If you love to cook or you are fond of eating, these 5 Best Dishes For Holi is for you.


5 Best Dishes For Holi



5 Best Dishes For Holi


First product in the list of 5 Best Dishes For Holi is Thandai. Thandai is an Indian cold drink which is prepared by mixture of almonds, fennel seeds, watermelon kennels, Rose pepper, poppy seeds, cardamom, saffron, milk and finally sugar.


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Thandai is a refreshing milk mostly served in Mahashivratri and Holi. Though Thandai is a popular drink of north Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. It’s a traditional drink and can be known by various names as Sharbat, Thandak, Sardaai etc.



5 Best Dishes For Holi


Whiles Gujiyan is the most searched recipe on Internet during holi season, and the most famous among the lovers of food. It is slightly tough to prevent yourself from sweet dishes like gujiya.

Gujiya might be known from different names such as Gujan, Pedakiya, Karanji, Gujja, Gughara or Kajjikaya but the love for the dish would remain same. Gujiya is a sweet depp fried dumpling mde up of suji, maida, and a micture of dried fruits, khoa and finally fried in ghee.


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Though Gujiya is a native dish of Indian subcontinent but can easily be found in rest of the globe.


Coconut laddoo

5 Best Dishes For Holi


There is an infinite number of laddoo but the most loved one during holi is made up of Coconut, as it further made up of cardamom powder, any type of sweetener and milk.

The fragrance of roasted dry fruits smells the whole house and a strong reason for watering mouth.

If you are thinking to make you day of holi more special add Laddoo in the list of 5 Best Dishes For Holi, in case you don’t want to regret.


Dahi vade

5 Best Dishes For Holi


Dahi vade is not just a favourite dish among children but also has a craze among elders. Adding Dahi vade in 5 Best Dishes For Holi would be a best idea.


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Dahi vade is a very famous North Indian cuisine and also a traditional dish. Though it is a form of chaat which is dipped in chilled sweetened curd and served with Imli chutney and green chutney later garnished with namkeen.



5 Best Dishes For Holi


Holi would never be complete without sweets, So in the list of 5 Best Dishes For Holi, The most demanding was balushahi.

Balushahi is a traditional dish which originated from Indian subcontinent and later got famous in rest of the world as it is similar to Jalebi but in terms of ingredients and texture it differs.

Balushahi replicates doughnuts. So it can also be known as Indian doughnuts which is deep fried in ghee and later socked in sugar syrup.

Not only these items, but some other mouthwatering recipes could be added to make your holi more special is chocolate burning which goes with loads of dry fruits, as well as laddoo of various types it could be began laddoo, mava laddoo etc


5 Best Dishes For Holi


On the other hand sevaiyan kheer, Chakli, Ghevar, kulfi. Aam bhog, samosa, Ras malai, puran poli and malpua will be the wonderful start.

So this was all the list of 5 Best Dishes For Holi, If you are a food lover and like to eat sweets during Holi and to make your Holi more sweeter, Share this list of 5 Best Dishes For Holi with your friends and families.



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