May 16, 2022

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Sexting

“Hey! Let’s spice up things tonight.” You return to your place fatigued from the hassles of work and see such a text from your partner. It just takes you a fraction of a second to get in your comfy shorts and bounce on the bed to do what is technically called sexting. Being close to someone is certainly one of the best feelings that one can experience. The digital world we live in has introduced us to scores of new experiences, and sexting is one of them. However, how much dopamine rush the very thought of sexting gives you, it is equally crucial to be cautious of a few things before you let yourself experience those virtual orgasms.

5 Points To Keep In Mind While Sexting!

Be sure of your partner

Fantasizing your partner and slowly letting your hands slip into your undergarments is far better than sexting and landing in hot soup. Don’t get it wrong. However, sexting can be a thrilling experience but only with the right partner. Sexting involves letting your partner explore a side of yours that you would seldom let anyone else discover. This point itself underlines the importance of being sure about your partner with whom you will get onto this roller-coaster ride.

The right partner will understand your emotions and appropriately reciprocate to it but also the chances of being misconstrued get significantly low. Thus, it is best to be sure about the other person rather than regret it later.

Consent Is Most Important

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Sexting

Sex or sexting, the rules of the game remains the same. Consent is the most important thing. You can not just get straight into the action without paying attention to your partner’s comfort and consent. If you think sex only involves consent, then hang on. You have much to ponder over. Consent is the basics of the art of lovemaking. Any sexual insinuation from your side if not well received by your partner is a sign that you need to back off. If you feel this piece of advice is meant just for the guys, then that’s not the case. Consent is gender-neutral. Yeah! Go through the last line again.

Show your body but face

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Sexting

It is a piece of advice that can save you from future consequences. Sexting and all is fun only till a point it is risk-free. If we consider sexting is synonymous with sex, this point is synonymous with a condom. If you don’t want your sexts to land you in a hot soup, You need to be mindful enough not to send a picture of your face. Sexting sometimes involves sending images of you that can make you vulnerable if misused. You have to be cautious enough not to reveal your face in sexts. 

Sexts are not meant for display

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Sexting

Dekh bhai….tera bhai pro hai pro!!!!, Jaanti hai kya kal meri na usse waisi waali baat hui thi…. Conversations like this and actions like handing over your chats to corroborate your machoism or how much sought-after queen you are- are a complete no-no. Displaying your sex chats to your mates might make you uber-cool, but that turns you into a cheat too. Okay, get back to the second point. What’s written there? Yeah! Consent is important.

And, if you think the concept of consent only applies while doing it, then that’s not the case again. Did you ask your partner before putting those conversations on display? And, are you sure enough of your friends that they will not spice things extra and spread? If your answer is a no. Then, you are smart enough to understand what you should do.

There is no point piling up your sexts

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Sexting

Suppose your mum takes your phone and gets into your chatting app. God forbids but gets to see that you’ve grown enough to outgrow her expectations. What will happen next? All hell will break loose, Right? Okay, one more instance, your phone developed some issues, and you went to a shop to get it resolved. You asked them to back all your data, and they did. Now your sexts are not only on your phone. Dukaan wale bhaiya (The store manager) can even enjoy it now or can probably blackmail you and your partner. Yeah exactly! Be wise enough not to save your sexts. Delete it often. And ask your partner even to do so.

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