May 20, 2022

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Today I’m providing you little bit of information in regard to your awakening, eating, drinking and sleeping habits – 5 Tips to Stay Healthy & Fit | Tips for Healthy Lifestyle.

A little discipline in your life is the key to healthier and happier life. That’s why it is important to have a daily routine that will keep you organized.

5 Tips to Stay Healthy & Fit | Tips for Healthy Lifestyle – Here are 5 tips to keep your body healthy and fit:

1. Rise and shine in early morning.

People who rise early in the morning always shine. So if you’d wish to be a shining personality, rise early in the morning. Right?

Getting up early in the morning. Then, after awakening, what to do?

Have a stroll, walk slightly, and thus, the foremost vital job.

No. No, no, no, no, No, No….

Wait, Yes.. To shower.

2. Take Shower.

To shower means to jaunt washroom and make sure you shut down all waste from your colon.

You recognize why?

If you have feces in your intestine, then you’ll remain sleepy the complete day. Sluggish, idle, lazy. Its vital.

Secondly, if you regularly do your movement properly, pass the stool properly, then your appendix will never swell. You’ll never require an appendicitis operation.

You’ve often heard about appendicitis operation. This is often a often why it happens.

Their appendix swells because of future constipation, and constant irregular movement. This causes loads of trouble inside.

If the feces remains deposited within the colon then it generates illness within the body.

Now for our movement to happen properly there’s this third important tip.

3. Drink lots of Water.

Drink about 10-12 glasses of water during each day.

I’m not saying Coke. Fanta, Thumbs-up, Mirinda or any other drink.

What am I saying? Water.

Water is life and your body is 70% water.

So, if you are not drinking enough water, dehydration will happen. Constipation will happen. Skin will lose its shine and texture. Hair will begin to fall soon. You’ll become bald early.

Whici do not think so, you’d prefer to become a bald person, quickly. It should be delayed.

Why get bald so early? What’s in it? Meaning what? Will you receive accolade on getting bald?

Drink water 10-12 glasses per day. This was third important point.

Now forth important point.

4. Before eating, one must wash their hands with soap.

You recognize it? OK, you recognize it. But there is this one thing that you do not know.

Face should also be washed. Wash your face and rinse your mouth. Swish water in your mouth. Wash your face and hands properly before eating.

If possible, wash your feet before the meals. It’ll help in digestion.

Then sit earlier than your food and say ‘Pranaam’ to Lord. Many thanks God for giving me this food.

Enjoy the food, see the colours, the fragrance of the food. Then chew 32 times and you may see how amazing it’s. Munching. Munching…still doing the chomping..

But more hardwork you’re doing here, your stomach will have to work less to digest.

So even after eating food your energy won’t go down. Your won’t feel lazy.

If you do not chew your food properly and eat fast, the whole burden to digest the food falls on stomach and in digesting the food, complete body’s energy is utilized.

So after a pair of years, you’ll begin to hunt out lethargy coming. And you wish to possess seen.

All adults after having food, just fall on the bed. After eating, they feel lazy, they even can not sit straight.

First they eat such lots and so since the body’s energy is utilized up in digestion they have to lie.

And if you lie straightaway after eating then, you’re your biggest enemy because your digestion are visiting be ruined.

Flatulence, dyspepsia, constipation, unease, heartburn of those symptoms appear if you lie straightaway after eating.
So after having delicious food, one should sit in Vajrasan (the diamond pose). Sit for 7 minutes, 10 minutes or quarter-hour, that’s it. After it do whatever you want.

5. Never hold your natural urges.

Like, if you’re feeling like aiming to toilet, then go. If you hold then the toxic substances increase inside your body. Diseases appear. Skin problems arise. Kidneys get damaged.

Yawning, coughing, sneezing. These are all natural urges right. These natural urges shouldn’t be stopped at any time.

I even have seen many. I even have seen girls especially. Once the sneeze comes, they try to dissolve it internally. I don‘t know what they’re doing.

OK. I am giving you one challenge!!
Sneeze, but the eyes must not close.

Sneeze and your eyes don‘t close. That can‘t happen. Then one must not stop the sneeze. this can be often a natural urge.

If you’re feeling like going to toilet never hold it. Sometimes if a category goes on, otherwise you’re sitting with friends.

Many feel embarrassed in going. But there’s nothing to urge embarrassed for. If you keep holding your natural urges, then the body’s mechanism will slow down.

So if you’ve urge to visit toilet, for toilet, sneeze, cough, yawn appear the hay. Then say Excuse me. That’s it. What problem could one have?

Also, if there’s gas inside the stomach, and it wants to pass out. No problem. But if you stop it then your health suffers. And always make sure that your health must not deteriorate.

An important thing for your dental health. After eating your food, be it frozen dessert, or any sweet. After eating, swish your mouth. Always shut down your dentures.

If the sweet gets stuck around your teeth or the food particles remain, then the germs begin to propagate. Then pyorrhea and much of other ailments appear.

Ideally speaking, one must brush with Neem twigs. It takes ages, but the bitterness that goes inside along with your tongue provides benefit to your stomach and skin.

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