May 20, 2022

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Today I am going to tell you about 7 exercises which is 12 minutes morning workout.

These seven exercises are the simplest and easiest to do that every person should do and make the habit as daily workout – 7 effective And Simple Exercises – 12 Minutes Morning Workout.

Morning exercises have lots of benefits, for example;

It gives you more energy, controls your blood pressure, less stress, improves sleep, and better focus.

Let’s say about:-

Table of Content for 7 Effective And Simple Exercises – 12 Minutes Morning Workout.:

  1. Jump Rope (Skipping Rope)

  2. High Knees

  3. Squats

  4. Calf Raises

  5. Plank

  6. Crunches

  7. Knee Push-Ups

“Better Focus”

Let’s say about “Better Focus”, In 2019 a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that morning exercise improves Attention Visual Learning, and Decision making I know you have read, heard about this exercise.

But I’ll be going to share some protocols with you that how you can do the exercise properly our first exercise is – 7 effective And Simple Exercises – 12 Minutes Morning Workout.

  • Jump Rope (Skipping Rope)

Jump Rope which we also call skipping rope even we can do this exercise without the rope this exercise basically involves full-body which uses your abdominals to stabilize the body, legs, shoulders, and arms.

Let see how to perform properly let’s do the jumping rope.

You have to do 25 reps two sets Try to maintain straight posture or body And jump on your toes not on your heels or not even in the center of your feet,

Just land on your toes.

The second exercise we going to do is.

  • High Knees.

High Knees are a cardio-intensive exercise it engages your core, strengthens all the muscles on your legs gets your heart rate up, and improves momentum, coordination and flexibility.

So do the 20 reps and, give yourself 10 seconds rest after every exercise Straight your back,

It would be better if your knees can go higher and just remember to land on your toes.

The third exercise is

  • Squats.

Squats and you have to do 10 reps basically squats help you to build muscles, let’s see the protocol.

Open your legs as your shoulders are wide and then try to sit Just remember that your knees shouldn’t go beyond your toes.

if your knees go beyond your toes then you’re doing it wrong as your knees aren’t going beyond the toes.

Look straight while you are doing squats, avoid looking downward.

Fourth Exercise is

  • Calf Raises.

Calf raises the standing calf raise exercise strengthens the muscles in your calves,

And improves ankle strength and stability that’s very important.

You have to do 15 repetitions let’s see how to perform the exercise Stand like this and raise your heel and shift your weight on toes.

Transfer your weight on your toes 7, 8,9,10,11,12,13.

The fifth exercise is

  • Plank.

Plank, which strengthens your spine your rhomboid and trapezius, and your abdominal muscles, and is good for your posture.

The exercise you have to hold at least for 20 sec.

Now let’s go to how to perform

Six exercises are

  • Crunches.

Crunches, help you build abdominal muscles, also include your lower back muscles.

We going to do half crunches and 10 reps it doesn’t matter if you can’t do full crunches so we going to half crunch.

You can place your hands behind your head or you can place them on top of your chest.

1 and continue counting till 10 reps

Our last and seventh exercise is

  • Knee Push-Ups.

Knee push-ups, In general, knee push-ups or push-ups are upper body exercise that also strengths the core basically gives strength to your upper body You have to do 10 reps.

You can position the legs as you want to but your legs should be up from the floor.

Okay now, these are our seven exercises.

So guys these seven exercises are simple, effective, and easy to perform.

That everyone should do on daily basis as a beginner and I have already talked to you about the benefits of morning workouts.

So I hope that you like the blog and find it informative.

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