Cola Beach Goa | Hidden Beaches of South Goa | How to Reach

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Cola Beach Goa | Hidden Beaches of South Goa | How to Reach

This is beautiful, peaceful Cola Beach.

One of the more hidden beaches of south Goa.

Cola beach is shrouded by hills.

All sides and surrounded by palm trees and paddy fields.

Now Cola beach is much quieter than nearly all the beaches that you will find along this stretch of coast.

Basically, it divides into two sections both very small, there’s a hundred-meter section of beach along here and then just round the rocky outcrop.

There’s another more intimate 150-meter section of the beach so it’s a very small beach and a small river also flows into the beach at one point forming a nice lagoon

You can go swimming in the lagoon which is great because the beach here is beautiful,

It’s a lovely soft sandy beach but there are rocks dotted along the shore which make it look beautiful but don’t make it particularly good for swimming in,

The water is a bit rough and there are a few rocks.

So you can swim in the lagoon, sunbathe on the beach and enjoy this beautiful quiet location.

It’s not very developed, there are only two or three lodges here that I know of and they are the only places to offer food as well so there are not rows of shacks there are just two or three lodges and they have little cafes and restaurants.

Where even if you are not staying you can go in and eat.

So there’s not a huge selection but that keeps it nice and quiet.

So Cola Beach is perfect for a more peaceful beach day.

How to Reach:

From Margao, you can reach Cola beach by first taking the MDR41 and then the MDR49. Take the right turn from the Cola bus stand. Remember, there are no buses to Cola beach. You have to hire a car or a bike to reach this beautiful beach.

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