Complete Body Whitening Treatment - Unrevealed Secret of Some Celebrities.

Complete Body Whitening Treatment – Unrevealed Secret of Some Celebrities.

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Complete Body Whitening Treatment – Unrevealed Secret of Some Celebrities.

This is an unrevealed secret of some celebrities too.

Some people are already aware of it, some might have planned to do this.

But the majority are unaware.

Today’s article is to spread knowledge among this category of people.

People also ask for an effective remedy and that was the motive behind this article.

This method is familiar to the upper class but stands unfamiliar among others. Yes!

Today’s discussion is all about GLUTATHIONE on skin.

Before we move on to the topic, I would like to explain the basic skin tones.

First and foremost, skin colors are of 6 types.

The first among the order is the lighter one and the deeper one stands in the sixth position. Usually, our skin tones fall under 3rd or 4th in the order.

The scientific reason behind our skin tone is the Melanin pigments of our body.

The pigment cells, also called the Melanocytes secrete Melanin.

Melanin is of two types, Eumelanin and Pheomelanin. Eumelanin turns the skin dark and on the other side, Pheomelanin creates a lighter skin tone.

What will Glutathione do? Glutathione is basically a peptide.

Peptides are compounds of amino acids and Glutathione is made up of three such amino acids.

It is naturally produced in our body but its amount decreases as age increases.

The earliest use of Glutathione was in Chemotherapy and its supplements and injections were given to the patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and Liver disease.

The skin lightening effect was noticed in the patients consuming these medicines.

And later, Glutathione was adopted by the cosmetic industry too for the purpose of skin whitening.

How Glutathione lightens the skin tone? As I have said before, Melanin pigments contribute to the skin tone of our body.

If a large amount of Melanin is secreted, it would deepen our skin tone.

Glutathione decreases the secretion of Melanin Pigments and converts the dark color causing Eumelanin into Pheomelanin.

Thus, lightens the skin tone.

This is the process behind that. In our body, the amount of naturally produced Glutathione decreases as age increases and there is a need in supplying it through our diet.

Glutathione is very much related to skin whitening and you could come across many creams with this tag line of Glutathione for skin whitening.

Glutathione is basically available in three forms for skin whitening.

One is in the topical form which is used externally. Other, as a tablet. And finally in the most famous form of injection. Is the use or intake of Glutathione safe?

What I would like to share with you is that. In my study regarding the matter, I came to know that.., the same is used in treatments such as chemotherapy, Alzheimer’s, and liver disease, with the approval of the FDA.

FDA is Food and Drug Administration.

The safety of medicines is ensured by their approval by the FDA. But FDA has not approved Glutathione for the purpose of skin whitening to date.

So, I think Glutathione is not safe for skin whitening. I have already mentioned the available forms of Glutathione (topical, oral, and injection).

Let me talk about its effectiveness too.

The external application of creams and serums containing Glutathione is least effective as its molecular size is comparatively larger.

So, According to my, its topical usage gives no desirable benefit. The oral intake is somewhat effective.

But, I think the problem is that it would reduce the production of natural Glutathione within the body.

No desired or instant result is got from the oral consumption too. The most effective is the method of injection and the desired result is got.

Injected Glutathione gives a quick effect on skin whitening.

Many celebrities go for it and they use it continuously at specific intervals of time.

And thus, the skin tone is maintained.

Minor side effects include skin itchiness, irritations, and greying of hair.

Major side effects exist in the form of liver diseases.

It can even lead to death. Thus, the magnitude of the risk factor is high.

Anyone who wishes to use this should keep the risk factors in mind.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of this 100 percent effective method of skin lightening.

If you wish to try this method, please consult an experienced and expert dermatologist.

Some people take medicines or supplements without expert advice.

But it is very much better to stop it completely and strictly consult a dermatologist before the intake.

I don’t know whether I could change your mindset or not.

I believe that I cannot … But, in my opinion, the better way is to be satisfied with what you have.

To go for natural remedies is OK but it is better to avoid the remedies with high-risk factors to improve your skin tone.

Believe in the truth that we are all beautiful with the natural skin tone which we have.

And trying out the worst will only help in shortening our lifespan.

Go for natural remedies which are slow in giving results.

But, Do not blackout. They are safe to follow. 

But, in my opinion, do avoid the harmful remedies mentioned earlier.

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I know that I cannot change the mindset of any individual, but it is good if you try to change your mindset.


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