May 16, 2022

It is again that time of year when all of us springs into a fun ball trying to live every moment to its fullest. After all, it is HOLI. With the name itself comes a string of memories that Holi has always stood for.

Holi 2022: Here are 5 Health benefits of Bhang or Marijuana 

However, in the past two years, the pandemic has diluted the very essence of the festival by confining us into our homes. This year seems a bit generous to us. So let bygones be bygones. Let us march ahead and imbibe the vibes of Holi this year has to offer with a glass of Thandai. And as we know, in many parts of the country, Bhang (marijuana) is an ingredient of the most relished drink of this festive season.

Holi Festival

Here’s a list of 5 exceptional health benefits Bhang has always been hailed for (else you consume it in excess).

Helps in dealing with Stress and Depression

Marijuana has long been in use as a stress reliever and has been a part of Ayurvedic treatments for more than 3000 years. The common observation after consuming marijuana or cannabis is that you get to feel your head going round and round. This is nothing but the result of mild intoxication. This intoxication helps you forget stress, anxiety, or depression. In other words, we can take marijuana or bhang as an agent that aids escapism from the realities of your life for a while. This is a reason why marijuana is used in the treatment of mental health issues.

Aids in Weight loss  

Before you jump on to various conclusions about this particular benefit of marijuana, it is essential to note that the principal role played by marijuana or bhang is in curing digestive issues. The main reason behind putting on weight is indigestion and other stomach and intestine-related issues. It is seen, that marijuana in the right quantity helps in curing gut and digestion-related issues, thereby, aiding in the process of weight loss.

Health Benefits Of Bhang Or Marijuana

A remedy to Sunburn  

If you are planning to play Holi out in the sun and in case, you end up with sunburns, then also, this Baba Ji ki booti has got you covered. Bhang leaves have a cooling and soothing effect on the skin, and hence, in case of sunburns, a fine paste of Bhang leaves can be an instant remedy to your problem.

Has proven beneficial for elderly health issues 

Bhang has long been in use as and is considered an important pain reliever. In the elderly, bhang has proven to be beneficial in treating rheumatoid arthritis. For this purpose, both the oil and leaves of bhang is used. In addition, bhang has proven to be a beneficial medication or treatment for inflammatory reactions of the various joints.

Induces sleep 

As discussed earlier, marijuana is well known for dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression. It calms the mind and also induces good sleep. It is nothing less than medicine for those devoid of good sleep due to anxiety, stress, or fear.

This article aims to provide you with an insight on the bright side of marijuana, cannabis, or bhang however, it is important to note we do not encourage its consumption and it is to be consumed or used only on the recommendation of a medical expert.  

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