How to Choose Best Sunscreen for Your Skin Type | Summer Skin Care

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Today, I’m going to tell you everything about sunscreen, one among the foremost important skincare regime for anyone, any age and wherever you stay; especially in a temperate zone like India – How to Choose Best Sunscreen for Your Skin Type | Summer Skin Care.

Sunscreen works as the best anti-ageing cream that you can use for your own skin.

So how exactly does sun damage you?

How to Choose Best Sunscreen for Your Skin Type | Summer Skin Care

UVA is the main culprit in causing the damage which causes ageing or rather accelerates ageing.

It not only causes damage to the top layer of the skin, it goes deep down to even alter your DNA.

So, it’s super important for you to apply sunscreen if you want to age gracefully, if you don’t want your dark spots, if you don’t want skin going red, sensitive and thus, later pigmented and also if you want to avoid your cancers.

Why you ought to always wear Sunscreen, even on Cloudy days?

However UVB is merely going to hit you superficially and cause you burning. So what do you most times think when you’re out in the sun if it is not burning, if it’s not going red, I’m safe!

No, you’re not protected from UVA which is quietly doing all the damage. So it’s extremely important for you to apply sunscreen whether you are indoors, whether you’re outdoors, on a cloudy day, on a rainy day, on a winter day, on a summer day.

Just like cosmetics and other skincare product, sunscreen also comes in different formulations.

Depending on where you are, how long is your sun exposure, what is your skin type, you need to pick up the right one.

1. For Dry Skin:-

So  when it is a creamy sunscreen, it’s best suited for an older skin, for a skin which is dry, for a skin which is sensitive so that it is on a creamy base.

It is soft, it is nice to apply, easily spreading on your skin as well as does not really dry your skin up.

And if you’re the type who doesn’t like to stay in front of the mirror and apply ten things, one on top of the other, then this also will give you enough hydration for the skin.

So if you have a dry skin, if you have an ageing skin, and if you’re pretty much 40 plus and have a normal skin, you can still try the cream.

2. For Oily Skin:-

Yet another variety is emulsion, which means to say it’s more like milk.

It’s not thick and creamy, it’s more like milky and flowy like fluid. Therefore, it is best fitted to oily skin type.

So it gives you that sun protection that you simply require sans the cream. Therefore, it still keeps you mattified, it still keeps your skin not looking dark, nice and bright and still gives you the protection.

If you’re choosing an emulsion because you have an acne prone skin and you have really infected postules or acne onto your face, be careful not to go right over your postule and burst it and then continue moving the cream to the rest of the face.

There is a new variety, the gel cream, which is my current favourite because if when you apply it, it just gets like a cream but when you apply it, it has this absolutely mattifying powdery effect on your skin.

Usually comes at a 30 SPF, absolutely perfect for a very oily skin, for an acne prone skin.

How to Use Sunscreen?

If you have larger body parts that you need to protect, there are the new age spray.

Just keep it a foot away from your hand or your leg or your feet and just do an even spray and it fantastically covers the whole surface.

If you’re applying sunscreen that comes in as a cream then you take a bit of the cream on your finger, dot it all over your face.

Use two fingers to spread it nicely all over your face.

Make sure you have adequate quantity of the sunscreen and not too thin a layer that it does not deliver what it promises.

3. For Extremely Dry Skin:-

If your skin is very dry while you’re using the cream sunscreen, you could also use a mist or a spray of water and then hydrate the skin and then apply the cream.

So, it’ far more easy to maneuver your fingers on your skin.

The common skin care habits that I’ve seen is you just plunk in some cream onto your hand whether it is a sunscreen or a face moisturiser, do this and just go and apply.

Please don’t treat your face like that. If you’re using a sunscreen which is in the emulsion format then again you do the same thing.

Take a little bit of emulsion on your fingertips, apply it on your face and gently massage it all over.

It’s very important to understand, you’re just not protecting your face from the sun, your hands, your neck, your feet, your every exposed part needs to be protected.

Therefore protecting your entire body is very important and one common thing that we forget to protect on the face, is the lips.

There are wonderful lip balms now available with SPF in it, so you could just use it like any other lip balm.

Apply it on your lip before you really step out, stops the lip from darkening, stop the lip from drying up.

So when do you actually put your sunscreen in the steps of things that you go through from a moisturiser to your makeup?

So usually if you have a dry skin you either use a mist or a spray on your face or you could use a primer or a lotion or a moisturiser on your face and then apply the sunscreen.

If you’re undergoing a treatment like an anti-ageing or anti-acne then you first use what the doctor has asked you to use which is the medicated creams and lotions and potions.

Then you use your moisturiser if need be and then you use a sunscreen.

If you’re going out and you need to apply makeup then you do the step one two and three, which means to say the sunscreen comes last and on top of it comes your coloured makeup.

This now must have cleared all your doubts about sunscreen.

So go enjoy pick your right sunscreen with all the bright coloured bottles out there and keep your skin protected.


Thanks for so much guys for reading.

Until next time, here’s to a happy skin!!!


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