How to Dress to Look Taller and Slimmer Guys – Follow Top 5 Principles

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I’m going to teach you five style tricks that you can use to How to Dress to Look Taller and Slimmer Guys – Follow Top 5 Principles.

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Here are five tips that you can use to look taller and leaner.

  • Tip number one:-

I know you’ve heard it before – make sure your clothes fit.

Here’s the thing, I know every style that bloggers always tell you that you got to make sure your clothes fit and that fit is the most important aspect of style.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record because I say it so often but it’s true. And I hope that your fit is already a top priority.

But just in case you’re not convinced, just look at these pictures of me wearing a suit.

In the suit that doesn’t fit, I look younger, less mature, and shorter and I would argue a little heavier than I really am. In a suit that does fit I look taller, leaner.

More mature and more professional. Now imagine me going to a job interview in the suit that doesn’t fit versus the suit that does fit.

Who do you think’s getting the job? you’re just wrong if you don’t think that the suit influences the hiring decision.

So, you know if these pictures don’t convince you of the power of fit I don’t know what will.

Now fit is especially important when it comes to formal clothing like suits and dress shirts.

So if you have a suit and dress church or any clothes that don’t fit the thing you have to do is you have to go find a tailor and take your clothes and see if they can actually get altered still fit better.

It kind of explains how to find a tailor, what can be tailored and how much it’ll cost.

So definitely check that out if you haven’t yet taken the leap into the world of alterations and tailoring.

  • Tip number two:-

Make sure your accessories are in proportion with your build.

Have you ever seen a guy who has like really small wrists and really tiny hands and they’re wearing some huge monstrosity of a watch like a 50-millimetre case diameter and a big chunky strap and it just makes their wrist looks really small and thin and kind of makes them look a little weak?

And I think no matter what kind of guy you are, we can all agree that we don’t want to look weak.

So the key is to wear accessories that are in proportion with your build.

You don’t want to wear a tiny watch because it’s going to be dwarfed by your features and just going to look too small for you.

Okay? So you want to wear accessories that fit.

And it’s not just watched, it goes for everything.

Okay, so think about neckties, for example, if you’re a small, thin you know the shorter guy you don’t want to wear a big wide necktie with the full wins or not.

It’s going to look ridiculous on you.

It’s going to make you look smaller and younger than you are.

Instead, you have to go with the slim tie in a foreign knot.

It’s going to look more natural on your body. Okay, so with any accessory just remember trying to keep it in proportion with your build.

  • Tip number three:-

Don’t cut yourself in half with contrast.

I’m talking about the kind of contrast that cuts your body in half horizontally.

So, if you have a lot of contrast between your top half and your bottom half.

So for example, if you’re wearing a white shirt and black pants that’s a lot of contrast.

In fact, that’s pretty much the most contrast that you can have between your torso and your legs and that’s the worst colour combination that a shorter guy can wear.

So what you want to do is stick with colour combos that are a little more closely related to each other.

So for example, navy and grey, blue and green, tan and white. These are colours that are closer together on the colour wheel.

So you don’t have to wear all monochromatic outfits every day but you want to wear colours that are more closely related so you eliminate the contrast between the top half of your body and the bottom half of your body.

This is the best way to elongate your figure and to look a little taller Besides wearing clothes the fit.

Now, look at celebrities on the red carpet they use this trick all the time.

Okay, so it really works. So tip number three, don’t cut yourself in half with contrast.

  • Tip number four:-

Wear small scale patterns.

Now you’ve probably heard before that short men shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes.

Because it makes them look shorter.

Vertical stripes will make you look taller.

That’s not really true. Okay? It’s a little more complicated than that.

You know, you can wear horizontal stripes if you want but they have to be small in scale and that means they should be thin stripes that are close together.

So whatever pattern that you like, okay, it could be checked, polka dot, stripes you know, gingham, whatever you like, you have to make sure that the pattern is small and scale.

So instead of big circles, you want to wear little circles.

Instead of big checks, you want to wear little checks.

They’re going to make you look smaller even with vertical stripes If you wear big patterns.

Fat vertical stripes that are far apart it’s still going to make you look smaller and will not make you look taller If you wear big.

No matter what people say?

So with any kind of pattern, just remember, wear small scale patterns.

  • Tip number five:-

Avoid low-rise pants.

Rise is one of those things that varies widely with trends.

So for a few years, super low-rise pants will be all the rage and then a few years’ later high-rise pants are back in.

And I would argue that no matter what trendy, shorter guys should stick with pants that are midrise or even high rise.

Here’s why, everybody has a different torso to leg ratio so there are people with long torsos, there are people with short torsos and long legs.

That determines where your natural waistline is. But people can’t necessarily see your natural waistline, what they see is your perceived waistline where they think your waist is and that’s usually determined by the clothes you’re wearing.

And if you wear low-rise pants you’re lowering your perceived waistline.

If you wear high-rise pants you’re raising your perceived waistline.

Now in Western cultures at least, long legs are typically seen as attractive.

Okay, we associate long legs with athleticism and fitness, beauty.

So tip number five is to avoid low-rise pants.

Okay, I hope these five tips give you some ideas for how you can use the clothes that you wear and the style choices that you make that are available to you to look taller and leaner.

So try to focus on the stuff that you can control like dressing well.


And that’s what these five tips will help with.

How to Dress to Look Taller and Slimmer Guys – Follow Top 5 Principles

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