How to Keep Your Feet Soft & Supple During Monsoon || Get Baby Feet

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In humid weather, our feet face many challenges like the smell, dirt, and muck – How to Keep Your Feet Soft & Supple During Monsoon || Get Baby Feet.

Your feet carry you from one place to another every single day and assist you in your most basic functions.

This leads to constant wear and tear of your feet and chances are that you’ll experience problems like blisters, shoe bites, pain, corn, fungal infections, smelly feet, rashes, etc.

To cure them or to prevent them from developing, you need to make caring for your feet a part of your daily routine.

How to Keep Your Feet Soft & Supple During Monsoon || Get Baby Feet – Let’s started

1. Wear footwear that’s your size and not too tight.

It is always better to wear footwear that runs a size bigger than your actual shoe size, than one smaller!

This will not only make sure you are comfortable & keep the blood flowing to your feet but also prevent any shoe bites that could leave behind permanent scars.

Always remember, thicker soles will cushion your movement and protect your heels from damage.

In addition to that you won’t have to deal with redness, blisters, cuts & cracks ever again!

2. Keep your toenails trimmed and clean.

Long and unkempt toes nails harbor bacteria and dirt and thus may lead to fungal infections between the toes and odor.

Keeping your nails short and clean indicates the practice of good hygiene.

3. Clean your shoes inside out.

Just like our feet, our footwear also carries bacteria, fungus, and infections.

Keeping them clean is an important part of everyday hygiene as this makes sure that your feet are free of allergies as well.

So in addition to washing your feet properly, you also need to clean your footwear once in a while to keep your feet safe and pretty.

For sandals or shoes that you cannot wash, clean them with alcohol-free wipes.

4. Keep your feet always dry and bacteria-free.

If your feet get wet, mucky, or sweaty, soak them in a tub of warm water and wash them thoroughly.

Letting your feet sit in their own bath helps prevent any foot odor and chances of fever.

It also prevents any bacteria from setting in cuts or cracks on your feet.

Keep anti-bacterial wipes handy to wipe your feet. Make sure to clean the area between your toes and inside your nails as well.

5. Fix dry & cracked heels.

Once your feet are clean, it’s time to tackle bigger issues like calluses, cracked feet, and dead skin.

Rubbing a pumice stone or a foot file on your feet helps buff away dead skin cells accumulated over a period of time, very easily.

6. Moisturizer soften and smooth your feet.

Follow this up with a thin layer of moisturizer. Relish soft feet instantly by spending just 5 minutes with these tools every week.

Prevent your feet from callusing and revive skin hydration by getting rid of dead cells with the help of a moisturizing peppermint foot scrub.

Take 1 cup of sugar, 4 tbsp of coconut oil, and 10-12 drops of peppermint essential oil for some cooling relief.

Mix well and get scrubbing. Massage your feet, toes, and heels for about 10 minutes.

In addition to softening your feet, this exfoliator will also reduce swelling and inflammation, revealing soft and fresh feet. This scrub is basically like a spa day for tired feet.

Wear socks overnight after moisturizing.

7. Use Foot Care Cream.

A super way to put your feet in rehab is to moisturize them with a foot cream that pulls double duty by not only hydrating but also relaxing tired feet.

Put on a pair of socks and rest up for the night. You’ll wake up with rejuvenated feet every single day.

8. Use antiperspirant deodorants to avoid the smell.

If you’re tired of soggy socks and smelly feet, just rub antiperspirant deodorant on the back and sides of your foot before putting on your footwear.

The deodorant acts as a barrier that helps reduce sweating and blisters.

9. Use antifungal powder to stop your feet from sweating.

You can also apply an antifungal powder on your heels, between your toes, and the back of your feet to sweatproof your feet.

10. Use a pillow for feet elevation.

If you feel like your feet could do with some extra pampering and care, sleep with your feet elevated by adding a couple of pillows underneath. This will relax tense muscles and reduce any aches, overnight.

These are some additions that can enhance your foot care and healing process and help you flaunt pretty baby soft feet all the time.

Tell us which one of these you would incorporate into your everyday routine in the comments below.

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