May 20, 2022

Layrite Cement Clay vs Lockhart’s Matte Clay – Top 20 Points Comparison.

The Article puts two competing products head to head in the ultimate showdown.

So, there are 20 points up for grabs in this one.

We know that not all categories are as important as the other ones so the points will reflect this.

Now, the reason I’ve done both these products, it might seem that again, that they’re not that comparable but actually when I was doing my research – yes, I research –

The Cement Clay by Layrite,

I actually saw a lot of people were directly asking how it compared to Lockhart’s.

So for me, I’m here to answer that.

Now, Layrite is a US brand.

It was created in 1999 by barbers for barbers.

That’s really their tagline there.

And this is their Cement Clay that says high hold, matte finish, and water-soluble.

Now, this is going versus the Lockhart’s product by Steve and Nicole Lockhart who are based in Michigan.

Really they are home brewers but they have created this hair product empire which I totally love.

Now, this one says a clean, dry look, excellent for shorter texture hairstyles or longer sweeping hairstyles.

Looking into the ingredients here, they are very different.

We have a water-soluble clay versus an oil-based clay.

Now, actually, the interesting thing about the Cement Clay is it doesn’t include clay.

There’s no kaolin, there’s no bentonite.

Really at the top there, you have water, then you have lanolin wax, petrolatum, beeswax versus Lockhart’s product which although has beeswax at the top then has water.

But kaolin, a type of clay, is included in the ingredients.

So, this is an interesting one guys.

Now Layrite has really upped their game in packaging recently.

You might actually remember I did Layrite versus Suavecito in Brand Battle.

It must have been last season or the first season and it was this real sort of cheap packaging. This is now… it’s just so much better.

It’s now this textured white tub with the gold part around the top.

It looks far more premium versus Lockhart’s packaging which is a lot darker.

It has these sorts of brown accents.

It’s absolutely fine and I like it but the point goes to Layrite. Now into smell, if you know Layrite, then this is definitely their signature scent.

It’s fairly sweet. It’s really quite strong. You can smell it in your hair versus the Lockhart’s one which is a little more subtle in scent.

It has a slight lavender to it and also something a bit herbaceous.

But for me, the point goes to Lockhart’s.

Now, the Layrite product, although quite creamy, has resistance to it.

You really need to scoop it out to get it into your hands and they do say to warm it up for about 10 to 20 seconds.

You will notice this. It takes a while to emulsify versus Lockhart’s product, which although slightly tougher to the touch, emulsifies so much quicker.

So the point goes to Lockhart’s.

Now, although the Layrite product does go through the hair fairly easily, it does have a slight stickiness and resistance to it versus the Lockhart’s product which is really, really very easy.

I think because it’s slightly waxy it does go through the hair no bother and it’s easily distributed. So the point goes to Lockhart’s.

Now, into styling. This is really where we start to see a big difference in the products.

The Layrite product is so responsive.

If you want your hair up, it’s going to go up.

It really does grip versus Lockhart’s product which really does require a lot more to style.

You can build the volume but you will need to work at it. Also, every time I use this I tend to layer it.

So the points for styling, purely because it is so responsive and easy to use, go to Layrite.

Now, although both products say they have a matte finish, they don’t.

They have a natural to light shine which is to be expected from these products.

The Layrite one really has more of a matte shine versus obviously, the wax-based Lockhart’s.

Also, the Layrite one has more texture so you can really build that in from the styling and it has more movement to it, more natural movement versus the Lockhart’s one which I really do like the finish of it and it’s a product that I’ve used a lot. But purely for how it looked in this, the points go to Layrite.

Now, the hold is something I almost wish I could remove points in this one. I had this in for about eight hours and I actually feel like it’s dropped quite a lot.

It does go back in but it feels heavy.

It’s not done badly at all. I know this product. I know what it does and it sort of stays and it bounces back in.

It sort of retains its volume and it doesn’t feel heavy which is good.

The hold of the Layrite product was so disappointing.

Every time I used this product it really did weigh my hair down. It wasn’t as it started.

We saw that great volume at the start. By the end it was flat and it didn’t look or feel good versus Lockhart’s product which does have a great hold.

You can really push it back in and it will stay as you want it.

I honestly wish I could take points off for this one but the points for hold are very easily going to Lockhart’s.

Now, it’s obviously no surprise here that as a water-soluble product, the Layrite Cement Clay washes out, absolutely no bother.

But that said, Lockhart’s product, although it has beeswax in the top there, it washes out so easily.

But really, there is one that has the edge.

So the points go to Layrite.

Now, price and value always come down to where you live, postage and packaging; availability of product; import taxes.

But really taking a quick look at these, they are actually round about the same price based on how large they are.

The Layrite product is 120 grams versus the 104.9 grams of Lockhart’s product.

So our verdict, with nine points, is Lockhart’s versus our winner with 11 points, it is Layrite. Now, I would love to say that this was so well deserved but I am disappointed.

Layrite Cement Clay vs Lockhart’s Matte Clay – Top 20 Points Comparison

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