May 21, 2022

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Today I’m going to tell you how to use Cucumber, Lemon, and Ginger, and another method on Lose Weight And Belly Fat in 7 Days – Home Remedy.

How to use this ingredient to Lose weight and belly fat.


This will help you to lose weight Super-Fast.

This will also help you so if you have a problem with your belly fat.

You’re looking for another method that will help you to lose weight you have to consider this,

It’s a simple remedy and you have to also support this with a little exercise like up and down

this also help to give you energy and this we also help to strength.

You for you to be able to carry out your daily activities without even having a feeling of eating or feeling hunger.

You know this will help to prevent you from binging or eating,

all those carbohydrates food, fat, and oil food that make you fat.

If you want to make this another special and effective way you can lose weight,

you have to keep reading alright.

This is very effective in helping you to lose weight and getting rid of stomach fat so for me to prepare this.

I am going to tell you Lose Weight And Belly Fat in 7 Days – Home Remedy. 

Take cucumber, lemon, and ginger,

You need to wash them with clean water that’s okay I’ll take this away,

Next is for me to peel the ginger water, also known as ginger tea, which is a great way to enjoy the benefits of ginger.

I’ll get a cup and then grate because I’m going to grate a tablespoon of ginger this is it.

Next, I’m going to cut the cucumber into two I’m going to cut the cucumber into two and grate also a tablespoon of cucumber.

Okay, this is it, so next, I’m going to pour water into this,

I’m going to pour warm water and then it cuts into two,

I squeeze in lemon juice the next thing I do is to squeeze the lemon into the water and two tablespoons of lemon juice.

This is it, you have to stir this at least for one minute or you set it aside for two minutes.

So you have to stir for one minute this is okay and then.

What I’ll do is to grab another cup okay I’ll get a strainer and strain this okay

you have to keep reading to make how to drink these to lose weight.

Also to get rid of stomach fat right so this is a drink and has to drink this why it is still very warm

You have to drink this when it’s warm you’re not going to feel like eating and you’re not going to crave all those sugar food.

That will leave you feeling very fat this we help to shed fat with the support of the exercise.

This will help you to lose weight I’m also giving you that flat stomach when you finish drinking.

Support it with a simple exercise like this we help to flatten.

Your tummy and help you to lose weight do the exercise 20 times,

Simple and easy exercise and also your weight super fast I’m going to make you again in my next blog Bye Bye.

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