May 19, 2022

Youtuber Mahesh Keshwala is always been Experimental in his Entire Career. There are a lot of Ups and Downs in his Journey which will Inspire You to Never Give Up.

Mahesh Keshwala AKA ‘Thugesh’ is now a popular name in YouTuber’s Town. we all know a Youtuber ‘Thugesh’ with 2.9 Million subscribers but only a few of us knows a boy who Unduly experimented with his career. The journey of Mahesh from 0 to 1 will inspire you to push yourself every day even after failures. In his adventurous career, he sets an example for today’s generation that hard work can beat talent. He started his career at the age of 16 from an amusement park due to the weak financial condition of his family. At the amusement park, he takes care of children. He decided to quit the job when he was made to clean vomit on the swings.

He then shifted himself to a part-time job at a call centre while continuing his studies. After working for 12 to 36 months, he found difficulty continuing and decided to Continue college. Things are going smoothly in college then someone suggested he try his Luck in Acting. From here, a new chapter of life begins. Mahesh started preparing himself for pageants. He won many pageants. The taste of victory fueled his confidence. Continuous hard work is taken into the stage of premier fashion events like Lakme fashion week and Pune fashion week.

Struggling Story of the Experimental Boy ‘Thugesh’

Days are passing and he has given all of his Heart to the modelling. At a Pageant where he participated and given neck to neck competition to fellow participants. Despite this, he had noticed some unfair activities regarding results and was badly broken. That was the last day of his modelling pageants and committed not to look back.

Mahesh moved on and back to his law studies. He tried to clear the CS exam but fail to crack even after multiple attempts. Along with these, he had a YouTube channel. The sudden change in YouTube monetization policy affected his Channel and his channel get Demonetized. He has deleted 150 videos of his channel but he did it for the sake of the channel. He Then replanned his content and started making face cam videos with the same spirit. He Again Changed his content genre from face cam to commentary and roasting videos. This has given him a lot of new audiences and a new taste of success popularly known as ‘Thugesh’.

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