May 20, 2022

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Today I am going to tell, how to achieve six pack abs without any exercise – Six Pack Abs Without Any Exercise – Six Pack Simulator.

No need to go to gym now, no need to sweat in the gym.

You just have to stick six pack simulator on your stomach.

And will get six pack abs soon. How this is possible?

If it’s possible then how it’s possible? I am going to reveal the truth.

If you want six pack abs then just using the six pack abs simulator is not enough.

Six Pack Abs Without Any Exercise - Six Pack Simulator

Due to lack of knowledge most people don’t see results that’s why please Read this Blog from beginning to end So that you get detailed information about how this equipment works.

Most six pack abs simulator available on the market has functions to set levels.

The more level you increase on the device, the more electric current or vibrations you will receive on stomach.

Your abdominal muscles will now contract and more blood will flow into your stomach

It’s very similar to the abdominal exercises which you do at the gym like crunches.

There only small difference   When you do exercises at gym, your entire body gets engaged due to which more calories you burn.

Finally you also sweat.

This is one point let’s come to second point. Is burning more calories beneficial like the gym exercise?

Or six pack abs simulator which without any effort you are getting the results, which one is better?

Let’s cover which is better and why?

So now Read carefully what I write if you have used this device before and haven’t got results or you want to buy this product.

What you should do in order to see the results, let me explain.

Read carefully what I write. To see results, first you have to calculate your maintenance calories.

How to know maintenance calories? Just google maintenance calorie calculator From any website.

For e.g.

You can find this but you have to look at one important point including age, height, weight etc.

There should also be an option to measure activity level You have to select sedentary.

That means you are not doing any kind of exercise.

The website should contain this option this is because The six pack abs simulator.

which you are sticking on stomach needs no extra effort no sweat or no exercise is involved in any kind This lies in this category that’ why you have to select sedentary option.

If a website doesn’t have sedentary option then look another website.

The calculation for maintenance calories will incorrectly calculated.

And you won’t see any results in the end You are just one step away from six pack abs after calculating maintenance calories.

Now you have to focus on diet or food Read carefully because most people commit this mistake due to which they don’t see results.

Calories consumed from food should always be less than your maintenance calories.

Around 500-1000 calories less you have to consume than maintenance calories now this should happen.

You will lose one to two pound weight every week by week you will be able to see six pack abs Depending on your current body fat percentage level.

It will drop every day.   As soon as your body fat percentage will be in single digits.

You will be able to see six pack abs.

If you are feeling dizzy during losing weight then think that you are consuming very less calories   In that case you can feel dizzy and should increase your caloric intake or food.

I will suggest.

If there is no one to guide you, how much to eat , what to eat and when to eat no need to worry I have designed free fat loss programs for you.

Let’s talk about the side effects of this device.

This device sticks on your stomach and you get mild electric shock or vibration.

Don’t worry you won’t get high voltage shock This tolerance depends on person to person.

If you have increased the level to maximum and are unable to tolerate.

It then you have to reduce the level.

It doesn’t have any side effects as this works just like a massage

There is nothing to worry regarding side effects for six pack abs simulator

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