Top 3 Powerful Herbal Drink for boost immunity and fight with Covid - 19

Top 3 Powerful Herbal Drink for boost immunity and fight with Covid – 19

In this second wave of covid19,

it is becoming very very important of ourselves and especially our immunity level.

Here are the Top 3 Powerful Herbal Drink for boost immunity and fight with Covid – 19.

  • Krishna Tulsi Concoction:

Understand how to make it.

Pluck the head of spring tulsi, Shyam tulsi Krishna tulsi, whatever its name, we need 4 to 5 such leaves, these leaves you have to put in 2 glass of water.

This Shyam tulsi or spring tulsi is available in these local flower sellers.

Now another thing is you need grated ginger, you need one tablespoon of organic jaggery or that large piece of khadi shakkar that you will get from the ayurvedic shop.

Another ingredient is one teaspoonful of organic Haldi, which also you will get from the ayurvedic shop.

If grated ginger is not available, then you can add 1/4th teaspoon of dry ginger powder that is smooth.

Mix all these things in water and boil, strain the liquid, and then a few drops of lemon juice and drink it warm.

This drink preferably you should have in the morning.

This is really an excellent drink to boost your immunity stronger.

This Krishna tulsi really helps in releasing the phlegm from your system and can open bronchioles and aid better respiration, and ginger and turmeric, they are anti-viral in nature, rest khadi shakkar or if you do not find it, a spoon of honey, they are known for boosting your immunity level.

shankhpushpi is a lovely flower, understand how to make it.

Take boiling water, keep 5-6 flowers in a bowl, pour that boiling water in the bowl and then cover it, cover it for half an hour, now strain the liquid by squeezing the flower, and then add few drops of lemon juice if you want and drink it.

This is again a beautiful drink to have in this covid time. Preferably drink this liquid at night.

 If shankhpushpi flower is not available, then the powder of shankhpushpi flower is also available in the Ayurveda shop.

You can mix this powder of shankhpushpi in hot water, mix it well and drink it warm.

It has powerful antioxidants and flavonoids and this really helps in bringing calmness and reducing depression.

With mental stress rising in this covid wave, such a drink is a must to be taken at night.

It reduces mental fatigue, it really helps in digestion and immunity.

  • Amla, Ginger, and Black Pepper Blend

Understand how to make it.

Take one tablespoon of amla juice, add one teaspoon full of ginger juice, a half teaspoon full of black pepper, and honey, mix all these things together and sip it and drink warm water over it.

This you can have at any time in the day.

This is an anti-inflammatory and a great immunity booster.

It is a very ideal combination, the vitamin c in amla will boost your immunity, ginger, and black pepper are powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.

Consume these foods to support your body, to build your immunity and mental strength.

All these things which I have mentioned in this article “Top 3 Powerful Herbal Drink for boost immunity and fight with Covid – 19” are very simple to make, very easily available around, so definitely help yourself and stay healthy stay fit and be happy.!!!


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