Top 5 Best Shampoo Without Chemical Ingredients for hair fall control in India 2021


Top 5 Best Shampoo Without Chemical Ingredients for hair fall control in India 2021

The shampoo is purely based on my own personal research if you ask why this research

Actually, lots of them asked me to tell them about the best shampoo for my hair fall,

please help us brother like that I got many comments and this article is especially for those from my research.

So don’t buy anything blindly but for telling about

These 5 best shampoos reviewed more than 57 natural shampoos and also I read around 300+ reviews

Now, the 5 shampoo which I’m telling is the best shampoo

Now I sort out the product in the economic range from high to low.

So 1st shampoo.

Zilcg Freedom Tango

Yes this sounds weird in this shampoo no harmful chemicals are used No Paraben,

No SLS, No sodium laureth, not even sodium lauryl sulphate.

So it controls your hair fall and makes ur hair really smooth and shiny even controls split ends damage makes your hair moisture and won’t let it to be dried and many more benefits but even if you have any doubts please check the product link

You can just click that and check the reviews But this product is a bit costly for a 200ml bottle

It cost 600Rs if you’re ok with the amount but needs your healthy and hair fall free you can just buy this product blindly

2nd Best shampoo

Organo Gold Natural Red onion shampoo

Its main ingredients are red onion, in simple normal onions And that it’s real strength if you use this shampoo regularly your hair fall will be controlled,

your hair growth will be increased Dandruff will be controlled, makes your scalp clean and also your hair get smoother

I read all the reviews completely no one mentioned any side effects from this product Everyone got good results only

but if you want you can check the link

3rd best shampoo is Khadi Naturals Herbal Shampoo

So even in this shampoo, there is No Paraben, No SLS, No artificial colours but only with required chemicals it contains natural ingredients

Like Amla and Cikarka, even this shampoo is very much good for hair fall control

It cost 280rs for a 200ml bottle and its kind of affordable

Hair wash powder

you can get these natural powders from Brand Online quality store it contains Amla, Cikarka, Rita, Hibiscus and also Bhringraj powders

So they give these 5 powders in small pockets so what you have to do is to mix.

These 5 powders in a box and then add some water and apply to your hair.

You can take how much ever you required for a day in a small cup and mix with water then apply to your hair

But it’s a natural product so you won’t get that much foam from that itself you can get to know how natural

it is and surprisingly no one gave a single negative review about this product.

The only thing is u have to mix these powders and then you have to use it

And gets somewhat uncomfortable apart from that everyone comments that it’s a really good one

Even if you want you can check the reviews as I mentioned before I read around 300+ reviews for 57 different products

So I did whatever I can do.

So the last and the best Shampoo is

Havintha Natural hair wash Shampoo

The products which I said previously they will behave in separate packets and we only have to mix it but in this,

they already mixed everything.

All you have to do is directly mix with water and then apply to your hair this one is also a 100% natural product

So in this also you won’t get foam, always the natural products will be like this only because they won’t add chemicals like Sodium, Sulphate.

This one is like all one shampoo it controls hair fall, dandruff cleans your scalp,

Smoothers your hair prevents hair damage, split ends.

This Shampoo is very budget-friendly like for 250gms is 200rs

it’s really affordable only so these are the 5 best Shampoo in the market with fewer chemicals products,

Natural and Best Shampoo or even Best Shampoo in the world because I’m that confident in my research and reviews.

Top 5 Best Shampoo Without Chemical Ingredients for hair fall control in India 2021


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