May 16, 2022

Water flossers are advanced handheld devices in the world of dental health. With their pressurized stream of water, they sweep out sticky plaque and food particles from places where toothbrushes can’t reach. These water flossers are putting back all traditional flossing methods.

Water Flosser: How it Works, Advantages and Disadvantages

Brushing is an essential part of our daily life. We wield brushing for cleaning our teeth and gums. As Technology upgrading and improving our convenience there are a variety of tools and products available in the markets to promote our oral health, Water flosser are one of them. It is also known as an oral irrigator. Water flossers help to remove plaque that left bacteria in our gums. Additionally, it is useful in cleaning braces dental implants, and crowns. It is more effective than Air flossing, String flossing, and Interdental flossing. Along with brushing water flossers are advanced Dental solutions. It is more time-saving than traditional flossing methods. For better performance, this should be replaced within 3-6 Months. It is highly suggested by dentists for treating gum diseases. It is proven in the studies that water flosser works 29% better than traditional flosser. They are handy and even travel-friendly.

How does it work?

Firstly Fill the Reservoir with warm water. Hold the tip and spray the flosser at 90 Degree to your Teeth. Keep the water flosser away from teeth and gums for best results. Cover every corner of the mouth, especially the tiny gap between the teeth. Spew extra water into the sink try to perform the activity near a sink to avoid mess. It will take only one or two minutes for complete flossing. It works gently on teeth and has no side effects on gums.

Is There any Disadvantage?

For some people, it seems difficult to handle sometime. And It may not remove sticky plaque completely. In starting it feels uncomfortable using it regularly gives the best outcomes.

”Water Flossers are a Vital tool but make sure you consult your dentist before switching to any Dental Product.”

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